• Word Addin for SAP
    Word Add-infor SAP™

    With the CaRD Word Addin you can easily save and assign files to the related SAP Business object in one-step. The files will be saved in the existing SAP content repository so that the file will be available to all SAP users when accessing the attachment list of the SAP Business Object...

  • Word Addin for SAP
    Word Add-infor SAP™

    Different system profiles, Workflows and individual program logic can be integrated as well as the automatic assignment to the SAP object. In additioin the integrated format conversion allows collegues to view the information without Word installed. Multi-Language support and company licenses are also available...

SAP Office Integration for Word

Our SAP Office Integration allows you to connect to SAP directly via Word. Using this App you are able to work within Microsoft Office if you would like to save the document related to an SAP business object like

- Customer
- Vendor
- Equipment
- Material Master
- Sales orders
- HR objects

You do not need to change from Word to SAP GUI - you can still work in Office which is linked and connected to SAP. This solution can also be used for other business objects. It can also be enhanced very easily.

You can save the document and attach it to the SAP Business Object directly in Word. Afterwards the Word file will be available as attachment in SAP. Therefore you are able to write your letters in Word and you do not need to attach the document manually.

If you intend to work with SAP repositories, business objects and/or document info records, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our SAP office integration app is available as cloud or as on-premise solution. It can also be licensed per user or as enterprise version. If you have any questions or if you are interested in an online demo please do not hesitate to contact us.



  • Assign Word files out of Word to any SAP Business Object (own Business Objects are also supported)
  • Word files can be viewed at any time in SAP using the GOS attachment list
  • Each Word Document will appear in the attachment list as SAP Business Document
  • Automatic save and checkin process of the Word files via any supported ArchiveLink interface and the corresponding SAP Content Repository
  • The attached Word file is available in SAP and can be viewed by SAP users based on the authorizations
  • Word file can be converted to PDF format
  • Automatic assignment using Barcode standard processes
  • Archived files can be deleted automatically after checkin or you can continue your work
  • User-specific profiles, system and processes are supported



  • Fast access of all documents related to a business process
  • Transparency of SAP processes - all documents are available at the business object
  • Optimized process quality
  • Improved service quality to your customers
  • Support of SAP archive mechanism
  • Common platform for SAP and Microsoft Office
  • Add-in is available for Excel, Outlook and Windows Explorer



  • Installation and setup
  • Installation of the SAP components using the SAP Transport System STMS
  • Customizing of the solution
  • Setup of the Add-in using group policies or manual
  • Training for your admins, Web-Sessions

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