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Unsere solutions for complex data migration and system merge projects

We have invented a standard tool for the data migration of SAP systems, to help to load, restructure or harmonize the system landscape. Our solution is 100% reversable which allows you to start the project with NO risk and no additional need for special data migration systems. Our methodology allows you to load data very efficient at low costs without any risk..In one of our projects we habe loaded 18 million condition records out of 37 SAP® R/3®-Systems worldwide within some hours. Using conventional methods like LSMW, Bacth-Input or individual ABAP reports will need for the loads approx. 30 days. We have reduced the effort, so that the runtime did only take 1% compared to other methods.


You are curios about how we did it? Please contact us to get an overview about the features of our tools and we can give you an overview about our projects, references and benefits. If it makes sense to you we can also schedule a meeting or an workshop to discuss your requirements face to face.

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