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SAP Systemharmonization

Beside of classical data migration use cases we are also harmonizing SAP systems. Especially the merge of different SAP systems, companies (company code) or whole clients, sales organizations or other logical units can be merged and splitted very easily with our standard software tool, including 100% reversibility to undo all changes. This gives you and us the flexibility to test and verify the system changes without any risks. We are using latest technologies to guarantee zero downtime during the harmonization. 


Almost the changes are allowing to update the customizing and to check the consistency of the system settings. Example: Changing customizing settings has no impact on existing historical data. The data can not be displayed in some cases, when the customizing has been changed.


Organization unit tuning

Standarization, Merges and Splits of some example criterias:

  • - Clients
  • - Company codes
  • - Controlling area
  • - Sales organizations
  • - Plants
  • - cost center / profit center
  • - clasification data
  • - others ...


Master data services

  • - Data Cleansing
  • - Merging of Material Masters (incl. BoMs)
    - Standarization of Engeneering Change Masters
    - Merge of routings


Standardization of Customizing

Overall system customizing for the SAP system landscape including referenced data objects (master data and transactional data), like:

  • - Terms of delivery
  • - Payment terms
  • - Chart of accounts
  • - Product hierarchy


Migration Services

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