• Load, Merge, SplitSAP™ Data experts

    If you plan to merge or to split your SAP™ Systems offers CaRD excellent SAP experts with strong technchnial and business know how to support you. More than 100 customers have been migrated their systems with the CaRD MIG standard tool.

  • SAP™ PLMOverall processes

    Our senior consultants have more than 10 years experience with SAP™ PLM Projects based on engineering change management, product structure management or document management are well known and have been implemented around the world.

  • SAP™ ConsultingTechnical & Business Experts

    Our team will help you to implement best practice solutions around SAP™. We are able to provide best SAP™ solutions in time and in budget.



How can I contact you?
You can call us, use our contact form or you can send us an email.

What are the costs for your Add-ons?
The costs are dependent on the individual Add-on and your requirements regarding support and maintenance contracts. You can purchase our Add-ons on a fixed prices basis without any other costs or long term contracts.

Can you support us with your know how part-time or support us with one single resource? Yes, for sure. Please ask us. We are supporting our customers in small/midsize and big projects dependent what your needs are. 

Can you resend me the dial-in number for live and webmeetings?
Due to the fact that the dial in numbers may change please send us an email.

Do you provide support services?
We are offering support services as well (8/5 and 24/7) for different time zones in cooperation with our partner in Asia.

Do you offer offshore solutions?
Yes we are offering offshore solutions as well. The offshore center is located in Mumbai, India.

Which tools are you using beside of SAP?
We are familiar with all common standards and tools that are related to modern software development. Beside of the SAP tools we are familiar with CVS, mobile devices and operating systems and all common operating systems including Solaris, AIX and Linux. For process modelling we are using tools like ARIS, Visio and other products.

Do you offer workshops on-site?
We are offering workshops related to all SAP modules including SAP PLM. The workshops will be located on site in the U.S. in Germany or in Asia.

To whom should I send my application and the CV at CaRD?
Please send us the details via mail oder e-mail.

Contact details

CaRD America Inc.
68 Chapman Heights Street
LAS VEGAS, NV  89138

Telephone: +1 (650) 464 0130
E-mail: info(at)card-america.com


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Telephone: +1 (650) 464 0130
E-mail: customers(at)card-america.com

Telephone: +1 (650) 464 0130
E-mail: support(at)card-america.com


For further details please use our contact form.