• Load, Merge, SplitSAP™ Data experts

    If you plan to merge or to split your SAP™ Systems offers CaRD excellent SAP experts with strong technchnial and business know how to support you. More than 100 customers have been migrated their systems with the CaRD MIG standard tool.

  • SAP™ PLMOverall Consulting

    Our senior consultants have more than 10 years experience with SAP™ PLM Projects based on engineering change management, product structure management or document management are well known and have been implemented around the world.

  • SAP™ ConsultingTechnical & Business Experts

    Our team will help you to implement best practice solutions around SAP™. We are able to provide best SAP™ solutions in time and in budget.


CaRD Add-ons & CaRD Apps



Each CaRD Add-on is based on current technologies, standards and all requirements regarding supportable, updateable and easy to maintain are fullfilled. The Add-ons are based and implemented with  ABAP-OO and can be easily enhanced by you or us.

The Add-ons are registered in the CaRD-SAP-namespace and can be differentiated from your enhancement, developments and other namespaces. 


All Add-ons can be installed and set-up on a fix price basis. Dependent on your needs and requirements we are able to customize and transport the Add-ons remote or on site. Trainings are optional available.


All Add-ons can be purchased with or without a support contract. If you expect changes or if you would like to upgrade your release we recommend to order the maintenance package for the individual Add-on.


We offer different Support-Contract models (1st, 2nd, 3rd Level). Different options are possible regarding offshoring, 24/7, response time and solution time.

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If you are interested in us and in our services/solutions please let us know. We will send you more detailed information related to your individual needs. If it makes sense to you we can schedule a live meeting via webex or we can discuss your questions on site with you.


CaRD Philosophy

  • overall Consulting
  • own experts
  • new technologies
  • transparancy
  • private Cloud available
  • fairness
  • sustainability