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SAP System analysis

  • - We examine and analyse your master data and transactional data regarding volume, record count, database size, Z-Tables independent which database and database management system you are using.
  • - We provide the effort and more information regarding the expected benefits.
  • - We check the individual objects and provide an object list containing the data migration business objects.

Analysis regarding costs and project planning

Would you like to change your strategy in the future and to change your system landsape technical or from an organizational perspective?
Our analysis tool helps you to make the right decisions regarding the strategy, costs, benefits, planning, requirements, effort and timeline. We also check the dependencies to other systems, tools and implementations, like distributed material masters. We also help you to define the business objects that have to be migrated into other or new systems, dependend on the use-case.


Review of customer developments

  • Investigation of the usage of customer solutions and implementations. Dependency check and the check against technical requirements
  • Business process optimization and data cleansing
  • Verification of the data valume and anylsis of Z-Tables.

In addition we will gurantee 100% transparency and a documentation of the data which has been changed, deleted or updated similar to the SAP change documents.

Migration Services

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