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SAP Data migration

With our SAP standard software tool the CaRD-MIG Transformer Add-on we provide an intelligent solution that guarantees less risks compared to other usual, classic data migration methods. The tool has been used for more then 500 loads and is a best-practice solution for data migration or the set-up of new systems. Another benefit is the transparency and the reporting which allows you to track the quality and the status of the loads.

CaRD-MIG Standard tool

Our tool gives you the highest possible flexibility to load the data quick and easy. It is possible to load the data in parallel without reducing the performance and without providing a new system landscape including several system copies for data migration loads and tests. The tool can extract the data out of SAP systems, can load Excel-Files, plain text files and can remove/delete business objects as well. If rules are not matching the exact requirements or need to be adjusted we can do a reload after a rollback of the load. This is also possible with exact the same IDs to give you the best flexibility. If you are interested in migrating your data by your own - we also offer trainings and the tool as a package.

Templates and industrialization

Our template concept permits you to use one data migration object for more than one load/country uising the samle logic behind. This concept enables you to use a industrialization approach. In addition we are also providing support for global roll-outs, data cleansing and extraction support of JD Edwards, Navision, AX, Infor, Adabas, salesforce.com and other tools. How this can be managed and handled in an easy and transparent way can be explained by one of our senior consultant in a first meeting or phone call.

Migration Services

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