• SAP Firefighter Services
    Emergency Servicesfor SAP™

    With our CaRD Firefighter Services you are safe in really critical situations. We offer an international Ad-hoc and on site Help-Service as well as Service contracts, to be able to offer best services based on your individual needs..

  • Superuser-Management for SAP
    Superuser-Toolfor SAP™

    We offer a toolset to Manage and document your Superusers (Firefighter-Users). You can request and define the time period where the user is avtive. In addition a documentation is available like a log, which includes the using time, password changes and other activities.

  • Superuser-Management for SAPP
    Superuser Toolfor SAP™

    Logs are used to document all activities including the workflow of the user activation. You can easily check who allowed access to your system. In addition you can also document the reasons and Ticket Ids.

SAP Firefighter Emergency Support

Urgent and quick support for critical issues
With our special Firefighter services for SAP systems we are able to offer our customers quick support in critical situations. We help you before you get in trouble. Or we help you when you are in trouble.


You can book our Firefighter services for SAP with and without a service level agreement. We work on a international basis on site or remote, dependent on the problem and the requirements.


Super-User Management tool
If you would like to manage your Super-Users with a small workflow we also have a toolset available to cover the firefighter/super user creation and activation process. Usually the user will be requested and gets approved. Both can be done with our webbased Management Tool.


Analyzing the issue
If you ask us to support you, we will immediately start to analyse your issue from a technical or process perspective. Usually it is very urgent and something went wrong in your production environment. So when we get contracted we provide a workaround and a solution to get the issue solved on a long-term basis.


1. Discuss the problem, the issue and the impact

2. Check of the system, the environment and the process

3. Working on a solution to fix the issue and finding the reason to solve the issue for the future.


We are able to work on site or remote, worldwide in your timezone - dependent on your needs

Please find more details at http://www.firefighter.services

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