• SAP Data Experts
    SAP VariantsVariant management

    We are optimizing your engineering change management, product configurations including the dependencies and rules between the different product variants to be able to get more transparency and to make the management much more easier with the CaRD Ruledesigner...Details...

  • SAP PLM Consulting
    SAP™ PLMOverall Knowhow

    Our senior consultants have more than 10 years experience with SAP™ PLM Projects based on engineering change management, product structure management or document management are well known and have been implemented around the world.

  • SAP Consulting
    SAP™ DMSDocument management

    We have the eperience and the expertise in document and knowledge management within SAP. Providing all information and data at the right place and in time becomes more and more important. Workflows, networks, archiving, Sharepoint-Links, Web-Frontends, Characteristics, overall search logic, validity...


CaRD America inc.

CaRD America Inc. has been founded by Senior Consultants and Senior Developers. A lot of global players trust CaRD America Inc. and the quality which CaRD America Inc. offers. Since 1994 CaRD Project Manager and Consultants have been implemented solutions, data migrations, developments and new processes for more than 100 customers worldwide.

CaRD is SAP™ Service Partner from beginning. More than 100 CaRD resources are supporting our customers today with their projects around SAP. Furthermore we are co-operating with SAP in solution developments, mobile solutions and customer projects.

3D/2D Viewer for SAP

ViewNIQ for SAP alloows you to open 2D and 3D objects and more than 300 file formats in SAP. The CAd features are used to set up markups, notes and do include a modern measurement and comparision functionality. ViewNIW is fully integrated into your SAP landscape...

PLM Know how

BricsCAD for SAP

Our SAP PLM Interface solution for BricsCAD has been developed
to integrate your processes... more...

ELO Archive for SAP

In addition to openText archive support we also offer ELO as SAP archive solution to our customers. The amazing multi platform strategy allows access to all of your... more...

Are you looking for support?

If you are looking for a developer or a consultant who can support you for a defined timeline and a defined scope, please let us know. We have the experts whith excellent expertise available!
- Senior SAP Developers
- Senior SAP Consultants
- Senior SAP Business Analysts
- Senior SAP Platinum Consultants

- ERP Processes & Modules
- SAP Basis, HANA & BI
- Developments, UI, Interfaces

Why CaRD?

  • Added value
    CaRD designes best customer solutions based on best practice experiences and offers overall process consulting.

  • Quality and lasting effects
    More than 20 years SAP™ experiences grants developments and proccess designes in time and in budget.

  • Continuity and stability
    More than 100 customers are using CaRD Add-ons and designed individual customer solutions from beginning since today. Our customers trust us.



Learn more?

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

If you are interested in us and in our services/solutions please let us know. We will send you more detailed information related to your individual needs. If it makes sense to you we can schedule a live meeting via webex or we can discuss your questions on site with you.



The SAP™ Partner CaRD offers beside of individual customer solutions many different Add-Ons to optimize the functionality of the SAP system. The well known Add-ons like the tools for the Variant Configuration, the PLM Add-ons or the tools for the class system are used by many customers. You can find more information about the tools and the benefits at "solutions".


As SAP™ Service Partner are the CaRD consultans working for international companies around the world.

CaRD is in addition Validated Expertise Partner of SAP™ for PLM projects.

Furthermore we are registered as Microsoft Partner. Details....