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CaRD charateristic value Addon

The SAP class system and its characteristic values are limited in the SAP standard up to 30 characters when using the data type CHAR. 

The restriction is almost a problem, especially if you need to save more information in the characteristic value. There are several possible options available to solve this problem with the SAP standard as workarounds like using more characteristics and using append fields in other Z-tables.. 

But if you won't use a workaround and if you would like to use the SAP standard you should check our Add-on which removes the limit of 30 characters. The restriction will not be visible any more and as many information as you want to maintain can be saved in the characteristic value field. The Add-on has been implemented in the CaRD Namespace and is modification respectively enhancement free. The CaRD Add-on has its own customizing and can be maintained by the customers.



The Add-on is easy to install and can be customized for defined characteristics. It has its own customizing which can be maintained very easy using the transaction SM30. The integration is almost used for the SAP document management system, but it can also be used for other business objects like variant configuration, configuration profiles, sales orders or equipments. It can also be used if you are using a OCR process and if it is not predictable how much data will be part of the OCR process before. 

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