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SAP MOC - Management of Change to manage your Engineering Change Orders and Requests

With SAP MOC (Management of Change) SAP provides a Engineering Change Process solution to manage Engineering Change Requests and Engineering Change Orders out of the box. It can be used for Plant Management as well as for Product Management to track all changes, people and tasks which are necessary to execute a change request and a change order. In addition you can integrate a workflow, reporting and link it to Non-SAP and SAP objects. Furthermore you can also manage PLM Changes with SAP MOC. As example you can also manage and create Engineering Change Masters as one of the steps within the MOC release and approval process steps.

In addition SAP MOC integrates within your Web-UI and contains a Access and Role Manangement system. You can also integrate your vendors and other systems with interfaces and the web based UI. If you need to make changes on a part or BOM of a product you can start an workflow, manage the requirements of each organizational unit and decide as responisble owner of a change if you will approve the engineering change request.

SAP MOC also support your Operational Risk Management (ORM) - It can also be used for SAP PM and CS.

If you have plans to manage your change processes and if you have spent some time on the next word do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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Most challenges are:
- Unmanaged and untracked changes of your plant equiments or products. This often ends in risks releated to guarantee, compatibility and mistaken investments. Without SAP MOC you probably require other processes to manage the tracking and change process-
- Follow-up activities cannot be tracked so that workarounds may stay in the process chain/products until the EOL of an product
- Complex manual change management may end in workarounds to bypass the complex and existing change request and management process

SAP MOC (Management of Change) supports you to solve the problems above and provides a solution which can be used out-of-the-box and supports customer specific requirements and ABAP implementations.

MOC Features

  • ✔ Create a change request for a product or equiment
    ✔ Questionaire and Checklists will be supported to identify people involved
    ✔ Attachments and Files can be attached
    ✔ Creation of an Engineering Change Master
    ✔ Creation of an Engineering Change order
    ✔ Integrated Approval process
    ✔ Workflows
    ✔ Digital signature
    ✔ Track executing tasks of the Engineering Change order
    ✔ Overview about all involved SAP objects like material masters, document info records,...
    ✔ Support of SAP und none-SAP Objects
    ✔ Ask an expert feature
  • ✔ Manage actions
  • ✔ Integrated Reporting-Features
    ✔ Status-Management
    ✔ Roles and Profiles, ACL


If you need further details or more information please fo not hesitate to contact us.

CAD Viewer for SAP


Open, view and plot more then 300 different file formats (2D/3D)! Details...
- Conversion tools
- Individual interfaces
- Comparing your 3D/2D objects
- Plot Manager
- Markups
- PLM7 compatibility
- Measurement features

Scan your drawings

...with our scan products for SAP. 100% PLM7 compatible and automatic document info record assigment using barcodes.

Scan-Control for SAP

Scan your paper based documents like delivery notes and other documents easily into the SAP archive and link it to the SAP object. Just one single step: easy, efficient, fast. This works for nearly all SAP objects like material master, vendors, sales orders, customers, postings and more. Details...
- Barcode Reader Server
- PDF Merge uvm.

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